Keeping Glutathione Cool

Keep it Cool

We love the summer because it's warm, but it can also be hot. Very hot. Questions regarding heat and glutathione are common during hot weather, so here is what we recommend regarding shipping and storing ReadiSorb Glutathione.


Whenever possible, keep both unopened and opened bottles in the refrigerator. The label says "Refrigeration Preferred", and it is, but if it gets warm for a while, it will be fine.

Traveling with ReadiSorb Glutathione

If you are traveling with a bottle of ReadiSorb and cannot keep it in a refrigerator, keep it out of direct sunlight and don't worry. You may notice a more sulfurous aroma. The glutathione content will still be there.

Shipping ReadiSorb Glutathione

When we ship to hot places we will use ice packs. They will most likely melt, but do not worry. Just put the product in the refrigerator when you receive the package. Some places are so extremely hot that we must use overnight shipping services.